Camaraderie Behind The Scenes

Towers Rush was the tonic the Region needed to push through last year.

Participants of the annual adventure treasure hunt dusted off their running shoes, spectators cheered on their friends and family, and volunteers came together to showcase the best the community has to offer. It was one epic day – three months in the making. 

And people like Lisa Green, Council’s Events Officer, are to thank for pulling it together.


When it comes to expressing gratitude for her hard work, it’s Lisa’s team mates leading the charge. They’re not the only people to sing her praises, but they are singing them the loudest. They want to celebrate her for living every single one of Council’s values.

1. We’re accountable: we own what we do, and we do what we say.
2. We’re open: we’re honest and upfront, and we welcome new ideas.Lisa Green, Values Champion, Camaraderie Behind The Scenes
3. We’re courageous: we stand strong and speak up for what’s right.
4. We aim to be better, not to shoot others down.
5. We’re a proud team, for good reason. 

When Lisa’s nomination was submitted it came with a warning that she doesn’t easily accept praise. And they were quite right.

“How kind! But at the same time, I’m fortunate for the people at Council who have my back. Nothing I do would get far without everyone else who jumps on board to make it all possible,” Lisa said.


Lisa feels fortunate her role at Council allows her to have an impact where she lives.

“I grew up on the Cassowary Coast. You learn from an early age to look out for your neighbours. As an adult, the one thing I want to do for my community is to make them proud - proud of who we are and what we’re capable of doing when we all pull together.”

Twilight Markets & Towers Rush 2020 was the perfect opportunity for the community to stop and remember what makes the Region so incredible - especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

‘I’ve had people stop me in the street to tell me that their favourite part of Towers Rush is the abseiling. Or they were surprised by the variety and number of local activities and clubs available within the community. It can be easy to get caught up and take things for granted. But more than ever, I wanted to make sure people felt connected to our town and to one another.”

“We had such a great turn out! It was the biggest Rush to date. It makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth it.”


Lisa believes in the importance of building strong relationships and recognising team effort.

“Events are all over in only a few hours, and all the hard work along the way is often missed. It’s really important to recognise the countless people behind the scenes."

“We’re a small Council. That means we have opportunities to overlap in areas and with other teams that wouldn’t be possible in a big city role. If I’ve learned anything during my six years here, it’s the value of truly knowing and appreciating your work family.”

“Lisa epitomises every one of Council’s core values, and she doesnt expect any recognition for the work she does. She creates a proud team atmosphere for all involved and goes the extra mile to make everyone feel appreciated and valued. She aims to be better by openly listening to ideas and taking suggestions from other staff and the community to better the events she organises. 

Congratulations, Lisa, you bring us together and help us celebrate everything that makes the Charters Towers Region such a great place to live and work.