Rate Discounts, Rebates & Concessions

Discount on Rates & Charges

Discounts available on rates and charges are in accordance with approved percentages adopted at Council's Budget Meeting each year.

Discount applies to gross rates and charges (less Council and State pensioner rebates, rate arrears, interest and State Emergency Management levies, subject to payment in full within the approved thirty (30) day discount period.  In order to receive discount, payment must be receipted by Council on or before the due date as printed on the rate notice.

Discount Percentages Available:

  • General Rate - 6.00%
  • Utilities - 6.00%
  • Excess Water - 6.00%

Rebates and Concessions on Rates & Charges

Rebates and concessions are determined on an annual basis upon adoption of the budget, and reflect Council's desire to continue to assist Pensioners, Sporting, Cultural and Welfare Groups with their rates payments.

Pensioner Rebates

To qualify for a Pensioner Rebate, Remission and Subsidy, all of the following conditions must apply:

  • The applicant must be the holder of a Pensioner Concession Card or Repatriation Health Card for all Conditions (Gold Card)  issued by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services or the Commonwealth Department of Veterans' Affairs. Holders of Health Benefit Cards (The Department of Social Services) are not eligible under this scheme, as these cards are issued for a limited specified period of time only; and
  • The applicant must be the owner (either solely or jointly) of property which is his/her principal place of residence and the property shall not be utilised for non-residential activities, including Home Occupations; and
  • The applicant must have either solely or jointly with a co-owner, the legal responsibility for payment of rates and charges as defined herein which are levied in respect of the said property by the local government in whose area the property is situated; and
  • The applicant must be approved in accordance with State Government interpretation of the above; and
  • Such concession of rates will only apply if the applicant/s remains a pensioner/s and also retains ownership of the property in respect of which concession is sought, for the whole of the financial year. Council also reserves the right to accept or reject an application for Pensioner Rebate, Remission or Subsidy.

Council Pensioner Discount, Rebate and Remission

  • Discount on pensioner rate accounts is calculated on the nett levy, after State and Council concessions are applied.
  • ​Council Pensioner Remissions are limited to pensioners who pay out their rate account by the Rate Notice Due Date.
  • The Council Pensioner Remission is calculated on the general rate only, to a maximum of 27% of the general rate levy applicable to the rating category designated, capped at $178.00 per half yearly levy.

State Government Pensioner Subsidy

In accordance with the Queensland Government Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme, as existing at the time of rating, a Pensioner Subsidy of 100%, capped at the State Government's approved maximum of $200 per annum, will be allowed on General rates as levied for residential properties.

Pensioners wishing to apply for subsidy are required to initially complete the necessary application form (PDF, 265kb) and Council will confirm eligibility on an annual basis.

Sporting, Cultural & Welfare Group Rate Concessions

Pursuant to the Local Government Act 2009, Council will continue to provide financial assistance to Sporting, Cultural and Welfare Groups as budgeted, with the basis of concession being as follows; subject to nett rates and charges, after concession applied, being paid in full by the due date as printed on the rate notice:

  • 50% of the General Rate;
  • 50% of the Sewerage Charge;
  • Nil concession on Water Charges unless otherwise determined; and
  • 50% of the calculated Excess Water Charge when an organisation has a Water Management Plan, subject to a defined period, if required.