Driveway/Property Access

Secondary Vehicular Access

Requests for additonal accesses are as per Council's Fees and Charges, standard inverts in kerb and channel $1,455.00 and standard crossovers of kerb and channel $2,079.00.  Applications for crossings or driveways outside of these widths must be submitted via Council's Application for Private Works and will incur a quotation fee of $128.00.

Heritage Stone Kerbing and Channels

Charters Towers Regional Council's network of roads and streets includes heritage stone kerbing and channels.  In order for property owners to traverse these heritage features, concrete panels (1200mm x 1200mm x 150mm) span the kerb and channel to assist with access.  Property owners are responsible for the repair or replacement of concrete crossovers and maintaining a clear waterway beneath them.

Legal Road Openings

All costs associated with the opening of a legal road access to a property that does not access an existing Council road asset as identified in Council's road register is the responsibility of the owner of the land parcel accessed.  The responsibilty for provision of legal access is also transferred with the sale of the land.

This does not override the development conditions imposed for a particular development.

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