Food Licensing

Food in Queensland is regulated by the Food Act 2006. Any business which undertakes the following requires a Food Business Licence:

  • Involves the manufacture of food; or
  • Involves the retail sale of unpackaged food (café, restaurant, takeaway or food bar) and is not a non-profit organisation; or
  • Food premises include temporary structures and mobile food vehicles, where food is handled.

In the instance that a Food Business Licence Application is required, this is lodged with Council and assessed against the Food Act 2006, Food Regulation 2016 and the Food Standards Code. Upon assessment, a Council Officer will undertake an inspection of the premises to confirm compliance. Once approved, the Food Business Licence will have an annal renewal at the end of the year whereby an annual inspection will take place.

The Food Business Licence is held by the Licensee and attached to the property. If the business is to relocate to another premises or purchased by a new owner, a new application is required to be lodged, assessed and approved by Council.

The following food businesses need a Food Safety Program:

  • Food businesses whose primary activity is on-site catering;
  • Food businesses who carry out on-site catering activities for 12 or more events in a 12-month period for 200 or more people;
  • Off-site caterers and businesses involved in the preparation of food for sale (including serving and reheating) at premises other than the principal place of business; and
  • Food businesses selling food to vulnerable population groups including private nursing homes and childcare centres.

For further information, please contact Safe Food Queensland.

To lodge your Food Business Licence Application, please use one of the following forms:

For more information in relation of any of the material above, please contact Council on (07) 4761 5300.