Public Notification

Public Notification

Under the Planning Act 2016, certain applications are required to be publicly notified. These are when:

  1. any part of application requires impact assessment; or
  2. an application that includes a variation request.

Public notification provides the opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed development prior to Council making a decision. Depending on the type of application, public notification must be carried out for a minimum of 15 or 30 business days (BD). BD excludes weekends, public holidays and any day between 26 December of a year and 1 January of the next year.

Requirements for Public Notification

The Applicant will need to advertise the development for the minimum period required and undertake the following:

  1. placing a notice on the premises for the period up to and including the stated day;
  2. giving notice to all adjoining landowners before commencing; and
  3. placing a notice in the local newspaper.

For further information, please see following Guideline for Public Notification.

Note: Council considers The Townsville Bulletin to be the appropriate publication.

Development Applications on Notice

To assist the community, applications currently undertaking public notification are listed below. To review the application documentation associated with a particular development, please visit Development Applications (Current)

Should you wish to prepare a submission, please view the below fact sheet to ensure it is properly made.

How to Prepare a Properly Made Submission Fact Sheet

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