Corporate Publications

Legislation requires Council to establish a number of plans upon which it relies for future decision making.  Many of these can be viewed and printed from links below.

The following are key planning documents

Community Strategic Plan         Delivery Program        Operational Plan

Community Strategic Plan 2023-2033

The Community Strategic Plan is a 2 x 5 year strategic document that informs the direction and priorities of Council over a 10-year period. This document defines the commitments and outcomes that Council intends to achieve and outlines action areas to deliver. The Community Strategic Plan captures Council’s decision-making processes and accountability, as well as our community priorities, relating to service delivery, assets, programs, partnerships and the economy.

The Plan is structured around the following themes:

  • Community
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Civic Leadership

The Community Strategic Plan forms part of Council’s Integrated Planning, Performance & Reporting Framework. The Framework is premised on the basis that all Council planning should originate from a robust understanding of the community’s expectations around key priorities and service levels.

Councillors are provided with a quarterly update by way of the Operational Plan reporting.

The Community Strategic Plan translates the community's vision into actionable programs deliverable by Council.  These measures are reported through Council's Annual Report.

The Plan is adopted prior to the start of the first financial year covered by the plan and reviewed on an annual basis.

Council's 2023-2033 Community Strategic Plan was adopted by Council on 17 May 2023, and is available for inspection at Council's Administration Centre and Excelsior Library.  A fee is charged for copies of the Community Strategic Plan that are printed and released to members of the public.

Delivery Program 2021-2025

This Delivery Program provides an overview of the core services, activities, and projects that Council will deliver in response to the community goals and priorities identified in the Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

The CSP is the highest-level of planning that Council prepares on behalf of the community and informs all other plans, strategies, and policies.  The purpose of the CSP is to outline the community’s shared vision and aspirations for the future, and to set out clear strategies to achieve this vision.

While the CSP puts the strategies in place, the Delivery Program translates these strategic goals into clear and measurable actions that Council is committed to deliver.

It is important to note that the Delivery Program is reviewed and updated each year to ensure that any emerging service and project issues are managed effectively.  A more comprehensive review takes place every four (4) years to align with the local government election cycle.

Operational Plan 2023-2024

The Operational Plan links Council's strategic directions (set out in the Community Strategic Plan) to the projects, initiatives and ongoing activities to be delivered for a particular financial year, and funded through Council's annual budget.  The Plan is comprised of a number of key activities and outputs which Council is committed to delivering over a financial year.  Council is required to report quarterly on the progress of all operational activities to ensure financial responsibility and the sustainability of our Region and community assets.

The Operational Plan for 2023-24 was adopted at the General Meeting of Council on 21 June 2023.

Progress on the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan and Operational Plan is measured using a suite of performance measures and reported quarterly through the Corporate Performance Report, by the Chief Executive Officer to Council, and is viewable in the Agendas published.


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