Development Forms



Whilst each proposal differs in its requirements, applicants are required to provide mandatory forms in support of their proposal. To assist you in your lodgement, the following link provides a resource for downloading and/or preparing forms:

Application Forms and Templates


Form 2 – Building work details

CTRC F0371 - Application for Building Works where Council is a Referral Agency

STRAT0057 - Residential Design and Siting and Amenity and Aesthetics Policy

CTRC – Guide to Building over or adjacent to local government sewerage infrastructure



The Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) website publishes required forms for plumbing and drainage work, which replaces forms previously on this site. Users are requested to select the following link to obtain the required forms.

Approved plumbers and drainers forms - HPW

The following forms are Charters Towers Regional Council-specific:

CTRC F0155 - Application for Preparation of On-site Sewerage Design and Report

CTRC F0188 – Trade Waste Application

CTRC F0347 – Application for Sewer Main cut-in  (Download Form)


Details of historic planning, building and plumbing approvals issued by Council or a Private Certifier on a specified parcel of land can be obtained online via the Request for Property Rates Search form.

Pre-Lodgement Meetings

Council provides a complimentary pre-lodgement service to all customers prior to the lodgement of formal application. The purpose of pre-lodgement meetings is to assist customers in ensuring that proposals can comply with all required codes, policies and provisions. Pre-lodgement meetings can be held in person at Council's Administration Centre, 12 Mosman Street or via phone conference depending on the requirements of the customer.

Online Lodgements

If you are ready to lodge your application, you can do so online via our Development Application Online Lodgement form.

For more information, please contact Council’s Planning & Development Department on (07) 4761 5300.