Recruitment and Selection Process

Our Recruitment and Selection Process

Please read this information carefully, as it will help you to understand the Council's selection process and to prepare your application. Selection is based on the assessment of each application in relation to the position requirements provided for the advertised vacancy.

All appointments to the Charters Towers Regional Council are made based on merit principles.

Positions are generally finalised within 4-6 weeks of the vacancy closing date. The suggested timeline below will provide you with an approximate guide to each stage in the recruitment process.

  • Stage 1 Advertising of vacancy: 7-14 days
  • Stage 2 Short listing applications: 7-14 business days after closing date
  • Stage 3 Conduct interviews: 3-7 days
  • Stage 4 Reference checking: 2 days
  • Stage 5 Employment medical: 7 days
  • Stage 6 Recommendation of candidate: 7 days

Stage 1 - Advertising

Positions vacant are usually advertised for a period of 14 days.

Stage 2 - Short Listing

A selection panel will oversee the recruitment process for each job vacancy and will typically consist of three panel members. The panel will assess your application against the Position Requirements for the position. Applicants whose skills, experience and qualifications have best met the requirements for the position will be short listed for interview. Suitable candidates who have been short listed for interview will then be contacted by the selection panel coordinator to arrange an interview time.

Applicants who have not been short listed will be notified by Council in writing after the short listing exercise is complete.

Stage 3 - Interviews

Candidates who attend an interview will be required to further demonstrate how their skills, experience and qualifications best meet the requirements for the position. The selection panel will ask a series of pre-determined questions targeting the Position Requirements contained in the position description. The length of the interview can vary depending on the nature of the position. However, please allow yourself one hour to attend your interview.

Stage 4 – Contacting Referees

At the conclusion of interviews the selection panel may contact your referees. Reference checking is usually only conducted for the candidate/s with the strongest overall claim for the position.

Stage 5 – Pre-employment Medical

If you reach this stage of the process you will be contacted to advise of the steps to take.

Stage 6 – Recommendation

Panel members put forward a recommendation for the position taking into consideration the candidates application, interview, reference checks and pre-employment testing (such as a medical examination). All interviewed applicants will be notified of the outcome via telephone and receive confirmation in writing.