Council Mulching Program

Why does Council charge money to dispose of Green Waste?

The objective is to keep most organic matter OUT of the landfill.  Removing green waste from a property removes valuable nutrients and it is highly preferable for people to take responsibility for their own waste.  For this reason Council strongly recommends home composting.

As this is not always possible, the next best option is to mulch incoming green waste with an aim to recycle and return valuable nutrients back to the land.

Can I dispose of all Green Waste to the Green Waste stockpiles at each landfill?

No, the following items are prohibited:

  • Large Stumps > 300mm in diameter
  • Logs over 2 metres in length
  • Logs with a diameter greater than 300mm
  • Grasses, lawn clippings, leaves
  • Declared weeds

Why does Council Mulch Green Waste at its Landfills?

The benefits include:

  • Reduction of landfill gas and groundwater leachate generation
  • Saving landfill space, hence extending the life of the facilities
  • Reduction in CO2 generation
  • Reduction of fire risk, by separating green waste from other organic waste
  • To produce a beneficial product, capable of reintroducing nutrients back into the ground

Can I purchase Mulch from the landfill?

Mulch is only availble to select commercial enterprises and is not available to the public.