Council Recycling

Does Council offer a Kerbside Recycling Service?

No, at this stage, Council is one of the forty-four (44) of seventy-seven (77) Queensland Council’s that does not offer a kerbside recycling collection service.  Market isolation, tyranny of distance, public consultation and various economic factors have been instrumental deciding Council’s path.

Does Council Recycle?

Contrary to perception, council recycles a significant amount.  In 2015/16, the Charters Towers region recycled 3 tonnes of Aluminium, which is equivalent to 600 wheelie bins.  In addition 255 tonnes of paper & cardboard was recycled, 9 tonne of mixed plastics, 200 tonne of steel, 6 tonne of waste batteries and 11,600 litres of waste oil.

Does Council have a future direction for Kerbside Recycling?

Council is an active Member of LAWMAC (Local Authority Waste Management Advisory Committee).  LAWMAC covers 22 Queensland Councils from the Cape to Mt Isa to Mackay.  This group has been instrumental in pushing for a state wide ‘Container Deposit Scheme’, similar the scheme that commenced in South Australia 50 years ago.  This scheme will enable rate payers to cash in collected containers for a reward. 

The scheme is scheduled to commence mid-2018, and as such Council is prepared to wait and assess the benefits of the scheme before any further consideration is given to a kerbside recycling collection service.