Publication Scheme

What is a Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from Council. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information held by Council.

Operating a Publication Scheme

Providing Information Routinely

As much information as possible should be routinely provided under the seven Classes of Information.  Where possible the information must be easily accessible through Council's website and a direct link to the document should be provided.  In limited cases, such as very large documents, information may only be available in hard copy.  In this case, a summary should describe the documents and describe access arrangements.


Some of the documents on this site are currently only available in the format listed.  Where requested and in the interest of maximising access to information, Council may provide web-based information in an alternative format.


Publication Schemes should be regularly reviewed to ensure information on the Publication Scheme is current and up to date.  Council may implement procedures to ensure that new information covered by the Publication Scheme is available and that any outdated information is replaced or archived.

Public Registers

If Council is required under legislation to maintain a register and to make the information in it available for public inspection, the relevant provisions dealing with access to the register will apply.  However, Council is to include in its Publication Scheme under the class "Lists and Registers" a list of which registers it holds and how the public can access the information in them.

Information Privacy Plan

The Information Privacy Plan establishes practices and procedures to be adopted and followed by staff regarding how personal information within Council must be managed to achieve compliance with legislation and further, to assist members of the public to understand how personal information is managed within Council.

Information Privacy Statement

The Information Privacy Statement is a Statement on the information that the Charters Towers Regional Council collects and how that information is managed within Council.


Your comments are highly valued and any feedback you provide will be used as part of the review to make improvements to the Publication Scheme.

Any comments, compliments or complaints should be addressed to:
The Chief Executive Officer
Charters Towers Regional Council
PO Box 189
Charters Towers  QLD  4820

Charges for Information

Where possible, there should be no charge for administrative release of documents included in the Publication Scheme.  However, where provision of documents would impose significant costs on Council, it may charge for the reasonable actual costs of providing the information.

Information not Covered by the Publication Scheme

Not all the information Council publishes is detailed in the Publication Scheme.  Information that is not published can be requested using the Right to Information Application Form below.  Your request will be considered under the provisions of the RTI.

Right to Information Application Form

Information Privacy Personal Information Amendment Form

Information that is Exempt

The RTI sets out a range of information that is exempt from publication.  If you make a request for information which Council considers to be exempted, we will advise you of the reasons for the exemptions.

Contact Details

Should you require any assistance or further information, please contact us

Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner is responsible for enforcing the operation of the Publication Scheme.  In the case of a failure to deliver information through the Scheme, you may also complain directly to the Information Commissioner at any time.  Contact details are as follows:

Postal address:

PO Box 10143
Adelaide Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone: 07 3234 7373

Fax: 07 3005 7150