Our Finances

Current Year Budget

Pursuant to the Local Government Act 2009, Council is required to adopt a budget for each financial year of operation.  The budget details information related to projected and actual income and expenditure.

Council's current budget information is available.

Council's Regulatory Fees and Charges for Service

A schedule of fees and charges (PDF, 833kb) is adopted each year as part of the annual budget.  The schedule sets out the fees and charges Council requires paid for the service/product delivered.  The original schedule of fees and charges was adopted by Council at its Budget Meeting held 26 June 2018

Procurement Policy

In the interests of ensuring transparency in its operations and for the purpose of ensuring the most effective and cost efficient procurement outcomes, Council is required to call for quotations/tenders for all goods, products and services acquired.  The extent of quotations/tenders required varies based on the quantum of goods, services or products. The requirements for quotations/tenders are specified in the "Procurement Policy" adopted by Council. The Procurement Policy (PDF, 76kb) adopts the requirements of the sound contracting principles as defined in the Local Government Act 2009.