Community Grants Programme

Charters Towers Regional Council is committed to assisting not-for-profit community organisations to deliver activities/programs/services of an artistic, cultural, recreational, sporting or other community related pursuit by providing grants in an equitable and accountable manner. Council has adopted a formal policy, the Community Grants Policy, and an application process to guide achievement of the objectives.

The Community Grants Policy provides a straight forward approach to how Council will assess applications and what determines applicant success.

Community Grants Policy (PDF, 85kb) 
Community Grants Guidelines & Application (PDF, 589kb)
Community Grant Programme - Acquittal Form (PDF, 180kb)

Applications that have the greatest demonstrated benefit to the communities of the Charters Towers Region and which support the goals expressed within the Charters Towers Community Strategic Plan (PDF) will be considered favourably.

Significant Dates

Round 1 - Open Wednesday, 1 May. Close Friday, 31 May.

Round 2 - Open Friday, 1 November. Close Friday, 29 November. 

Grant Limit

A limit of up to $5,000 maximum in monetary value and/or in-kind support may be requested. Support of School Awards Nights up to $100 maximum will be considered upon request.

Community Grant Aim

It is not the intention of the Charters Towers Regional Council Grants Policy to fund events on a recurring basis. The intent is to provide seed funding to support applicants to become self-sufficient and to encourage new and diverse events/projects/services to be developed in the Charters Towers Region.


Applicants must meet all of the following:

  • Be a not for profit, incorporated community organisation
  • Hold a current public liability insurance certificate to a value of not less than $10 million
  • Be located and operate within the Charters Towers Region, and benefit the communities of the Charters Towers Region
  • Not operate or benefit from gaming machines
  • Not be a Political party
  • Not be a State and Commonwealth Government agency with the exception of school award nights
  • Have no overdue debt to Council
  • Have attended training opportunities provided by Council associated with event management if funding request is event related
  • Have acquitted all Community Grants received from Council.


Assistance will not be provided for applications that:

  • Are primarily for the benefit of an individual
  • Are primarily of a commercial nature
  • Take place outside of the region
  • Do not align with the objectives of Council's Community Strategic Plan
  • Fall within the responsibility of a State or Federal government department for delivery (with exception of school award nights)
  • Are for repayments of debts or loans
  • Are for funding for individuals – to attend/participate higher self-achievement events/courses
  • Are for components of events that include salaries/wages for staff or recurrent costs associated with day to day operations
  • Are received after the advertised closing date/time
  • Are from organisations that have outstanding Grant requirements, ie. acquittals

Assessment Criteria

Applicants will need to demonstrate a benefit to the community anticipated to be derived from the event, including but not limited to:

  • Opportunity or enhanced opportunity for community inclusion from the planned event
  • Enhancement of civic pride and sense of place to be derived from the event
  • Enhanced opportunities for local economic activities
  • Other expected outcomes of the event that will provide a positive contribution to the quality of life within the Charters Towers Region.

Additional information outlining the following may also be required:

  • Demonstrate how the event/project/service will become self-sustaining (business plan/strategic plan).
  • The organisation’s capacity to manage funds and events.
  • Alternatives for income or assistance available for the event/project/event.
  • Details of other grants that have been applied for/approved relating to the proposed event/project/service.
  • Details of Risk Management Plan relating to the proposed event/project/service.

Should you require assistance with your application or further information, contact Council on 07 4761 5300.