Saleyard Services

Saleyard Services

The Dalrymple (HM Clarke) Saleyards and Equestrian Centre is a major auction, live cattle export, and equestrian facility located on the Flinders Highway just south of Charters Towers.  Ideally situated on the crossroads of north, east, south and west, and welcomes triple road trains from all parts of Queensland and Northern Territory. 

From weekly auction sales and stud sales, live export, private weighing, transit and dip and clear cattle, cattle throughput for 2022 exceeded 246,000 head, making it one of the busiest livestock facilities in North Queensland.  It is also now the only functioning export facility licenced to accumulate cattle for export to Indonesia with the capacity to hold 16,000 head and is also a major spelling and tick clearance facility.

The Saleyards, accredited under the NSQA program, had the second largest throughput of sale cattle for the 2021/2022 financial year (170,492) and generated an estimated $90 million in sales.

Dalrymple Stadium

The Dalrymple Equestrian Centre hosts the annual Nutrien Northern Performance Sale, which recorded a turnover of $1 million in 2022.  It is also home to the Gold City Campdraft, Charters Towers Rodeo, Horse of The North and the Northern Beef Producers Expo.

Dalrymple Stadium has seating for 625 people, wheelchair access, toilet facilities, public announcement system, lighting, secretary's office, bar facilities and plenty of space under the Stadium to set up tables and chairs for dinners etc.

Information for Agents

The following documents will assist Agents operating at Dalrymple Saleyards.  Please contact Council 07 4761 5300 for further information in relation to these documents, or if you would like any particular documentation added to this section.

Workplace Induction booklets used by Saleyard users and transport operators available upon request.

Contact Information

Title Name Contact Details
Saleyards Coordinator Jeff McHugh

Mobile: 0429 915 300

Saleyards SuperintendentTBA TBA Mobile: 0427 875 638
Council Office  

Phone:  07 4761 5300

Saleyard Livestock Contractor Saleyard Services NQ,
Ross Palmer & Susie Dixon

Mobile: 0428 874 788

Agent's Office Agent Representative

Phone: 07 4787 2048

Elders Ltd Michael O'Grady

Phone: 07 4754 5700

Nutrien Ag Solutions Brent Williams

Phone: 07 4787 1666

Queensland Rural Pty Ltd Troy Trevor

Phone: 07 4787 2466

Ray White Geaney Kirkwood Liam Kirkwood/Matt Geaney

Phone: 07 4787 4000