Request Rate and Property Search

Do You Require a Property Search?

Council is able to assist with a variety of searches covering Property, Rating, Water, Building, Plumbing and Pool.

In an effort to increase efficiency, Council has recently implemented the ability to complete forms online. To request a search this way, complete our online Property Rates Search Form and pay for the search using PayPal.  You can choose to use an existing PayPal Account, or use a debit or credit card without signing up.

Should you wish to complete a manual form, click this link to print the form out and follow the steps below to lodge.

(Please note that Water Meter Readings are only available for Utility Groups 31 & 32 - for definition of these groups, see here.)

Fees & Search Options

Search options and associated fees are itemised on the request form.

Manual Forms ONLY - How to Lodge

Use one of the following methods:

  • Scan and email to
  • Fax to 07 4761 5344
  • Mail to:
    Charters Towers Regional Council
    PO Box 189

Need Advice on Types of Searches Recommended?

Council encourages that you consult a solicitor or relevant specialist if you are considering purchasing a property, or making an investment decision and you are unsure of the types of searches recommended.