Utility Groups

5.3 Utility Groups 31 And 32
5.3.1 Sewerage Charges – Utility Groups 31 & 32

A Sewerage Charge will be levied in accordance with the Sewerage Charge Schedule, on each surveyed parcel of land, vacant and occupied, that Council has or is able to provide with sewerage services.  The charge may also be levied on those areas where construction of the service infrastructure has commenced but access is not yet available to the sewerage service.

The sewerage charge will be set to recover all annual operating costs associated with the provision of sewerage and wastewater services provided by Council.  These costs include loan interest, asset depreciation and the cost of ongoing maintenance and operation of the system, including treatment plant operations.

The adopted Sewerage Charges Schedule is as follows:

  1. Surveyed parcel of vacant land = 4 units.
  2. 1 pedestal or urinal = 4 units (Base Charge).
  3. Residential Properties, including residential lots under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, such as a house or strata title unit, shall be levied a base sewerage charge per dwelling and shall be entitled to unlimited pedestals.
  4. Residential properties consisting of flats or units, covered by a single title, shall be levied a sewerage charge on a per pedestal basis.
  5. Non-Residential connected to the Sewerage system:

          (i) The first 5 pedestals or urinals = 4 units per pedestal.
          (ii) From 6 to 15 pedestals or urinals = 2 units per pedestal.
          (iii) From 16 or over pedestals or urinals = 1 unit per pedestal.

The Sewerage Charges per unit to be made and levied for the rating period 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 are specified in the below table.

(for Sewerage)
31 Charters Towers Reserve - Residential $232
32 Charters Towers Reserve - Non Residential $232

5.3.2 Waste Collection Charges – Utility Groups 31 & 32
A Waste Collection Charge will be levied in accordance with the Waste Collection Schedule on each parcel of land or structure occupied or capable of being occupied for which Council is prepared to provide a waste collection service.  Where there is more than one structure on land capable of separate occupation a charge will be made for each structure.

For domestic and non-residential users, the charge will be for a weekly collection of a 240-litre mobile bin.  Charges will be made for additional collections per week from domestic or non-residential properties, referred to in the fees as Extra Waste Collection, or additional bins can be provided and collected at the weekly collection.

If any collection of industrial and bulk waste is required by Council, this will be charged based on volume and frequency of collection in accordance with market rates.

No refund of any charges in respect of a regular service duly made and levied in respect of a year or part thereof shall be made or given by Council for the reason that premises are unoccupied.

The costs incurred in the operation and maintenance of all waste management functions provided by Council, will primarily be funded by waste collection charges. The charges, together with the Landfill Management Levy will fund the acquisition, operation and maintenance of Council’s Landfill and recycling activities, the collection of waste from street side rubbish bins, the removal of dead animals and abandoned motor vehicles and environment protection activities related to waste generally.

A unit charge covers the provision of one 240 litre mobile bin in accordance with the following Schedule:

a. Dwellings Per unit/dwelling 1 1  
b. Mulitple Dwellings Per 2 pedestals 1 1  
c. Accommodation Units Per 2 pedestals 1 2 10
d. Motels, Caravan Parks, Hotel/Motels Per 2 pedestals 1 2 20
e. Hotel and Taverns Per 2 pedestals 1 1  
f. Clubs, Community Groups/Churches Per 2 pedestals 1 1 2
g. Education Per 2 pedestals 1 1 20
h. Childcare Per 2 pedestals 1 1 4
i. Hospitals, Nursing Home & Place of Retirement Per 2 pedestals 1 1 20
j. Non-residential Premises, Shop Per shop/premise, whichever is greater 1    
k. Supermarket (Gross floor area > 800 m2) Per pedistal 1 6  
l. Other non-residential   1 1  

The Waste Collection Charges per unit be made and levied by the Council for the rating period 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 are specified in the table below.

(for Bin Collection)
31 Charters Towers Reserve - Residential $219 Fees apply
32 Charters Towers Reserve - Non Residential $258* Fees apply

*Includes the Queensland Waste Levy annual charge of $37 per bin collected in accordance with the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011

5.3.3 Landfill Management Levy – Utility Groups 31 & 32
The Landfill Management Levy is broken into two components being Provision and Use.  In Utility Groups 31 and 32, the levy assumes that properties will use the Stubley Street Landfill where a ‘user pay policy’ has been implemented.

31 $32.50 Pay per use $32.50
32 $32.50 Pay per use $32.50