Advocacy is about having a voice and being heard

Charters Towers Regional Council is committed to being a strong and respected regional Local Government voice to promote and facilitate growth on behalf of our community, through advocacy initiatives.

To do this, Council has appointed an Advocacy Group to establish and champion our priorities.

Advocacy Group

  • Mayor Liz Schmidt
  • Deputy Mayor Kate Hastie
  • Councillor Julie Mathews
  • Councillor Alan Barr
  • Councillor Graham Lohmann
  • Councillor Kim Farmer
  • Councillor Steven Plant
  • Chief Executive Officer Mr Martin Drydale

Establishing Priorities

Our advocacy priorities relate to matters that represent our Region's needs and desires and therefore will not come as a surprise. Many will also be found in regional plans where Council has worked to ensure that local priorities are strategically identified.

These priorities can evolve over time as milestones are achieved, the community's interests change, or new opportunities and challenges arise.

Our Advocacy Partners and Audience

The 2023-25 Advocacy Plan will be sent to ministers and key stakeholders at both a State and Federal level. This will ensure Council can work constructively with other levels of government to achieve the Region’s needs. 

2023-25 Advocacy Plan