Our Decisions

Council functions and powers are dependent on State Government legislation. The Local Government Act 2009 and other legislative provisions clearly define the powers and responsibilities of Council.

Council has no authority in regard to matters falling outside the mandatory or discretionary powers conferred by the legislation. Council is vested with a variety of specific powers to control, regulate, license or prevent and prohibit the matters deemed relevant to a local authority. These powers are administered through local laws adopted by Council.

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Council Meetings and Minutes

Council's General Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public other than for statutory closed sections to discuss:-

  1. the appointment, dismissal or discipline of employees; or
  2. industrial matters affecting employees; or
  3. the local government's budget; or
  4. rating concessions; or
  5. contracts proposed to be made by it; or
  6. starting or defending legal proceedings involving it; or
  7. any action to be taken by the local government under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, including deciding applications made to it under that Act; or
  8. other business for which a public discussion would be likely to prejudice the interests of the local government or someone else, or enable a person to gain a financial advantage.

Minutes of Meetings are available online or in hard copy (subject to payment of fee), 14 days after the Meeting.

Planning Scheme Decisions

The Planning Scheme (Town Plan) supports Council to guide land use and development across the region. The Planning Scheme helps Council to find a balance between compelling uses to achieve sustainability, promote choice and well being and avoid nuisances derived from non-compatible uses.

Planning Scheme decision notices are available online five (5) days after the Council Meeting at which same was determined.