Waste Collections

Council's Waste Service

Council provides a kerbside domestic waste collection service to residential properties within the defined garbage collection area. Domestic waste is waste, other than domestic clean-up waste, green waste, recycling waste, interceptor waste or waste discharged to a sewer, produced as a result of the ordinary use or occupation of domestic premises. To qualify for a domestic waste collection service, the property to be serviced must be located within the defined garbage collection area, be used for domestic (i.e. residential) purposes only and have located thereon a lawful structure that is used for residential purposes. A lawful structure is defined as a Class 1a dwelling approved by Council under the Building Act 1975 and for which a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion has been issued, or a Temporary Home approved by Council under permit. 

Wheelie Bins

Each domestic premises meeting the requirements of Council's Waste Services Policy, will receive, free of charge, one 240lt wheelie bin. The bin is to be placed for collection on the road side immediately adjacent the residential premises concerned on a weekly basis the night before collection. The day of collection will vary dependent upon the locality at which the premises to be serviced is located. For further assistance in that regard, please refer to the maps highlighting the defined garbage areas as below or contact Council's Rates Department. 

Collection Areas / New Service Areas

Council's defined collection areas and the days of collection are depicted on the maps below: 

If your property currently does not have a garbage collection service and you would like one, please submit a written request to Council advising of your location, and Council will investigate and advise whether the service is feasible and/or the costs associated with same.

For further information, please see Council's Waste Information Package

Bulk Rubbish Collection

To assist residents preparing for storm season, removing potential mosquito breeding sites and to provide householders the opportunity to dispose of unwanted bulk rubbish, Council will provide a FREE bulk rubbish removal service on the following days:

Collection Information

Charters Towers Collections

To take advantage of this service in Charters Towers, residents MUST REGISTER prior to Monday, 21 October 2019 by registering below or phoning Council on 4761 5300.

Following the closure of registrations, Council will advise those registered of a collection date.


Regional Collections

Regional collections are scheduled as follows:

Residents MUST place items on the footpath before 7:00am on the nominated day.  Items are required to be of a size and weight easily removed by two persons working in conjunction.  Items not qualifying will not be collected and residents will need to make other arrangements in that regard.

Refrigerators, air-conditioners, green waste, asbestos, tyres or other Regulated waste will not be picked up as part of this service.

For further information please contact Council's Infrastructure Services on 07 4761 5300.