Our Priorities

This section contains information about Council's Corporate Plan, Operational Plan and Annual Report.

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Our Shared Vision:

"We will be a prosperous, innovative and forward-looking region that celebrates our cultural past whilst looking towards an environmentally friendly and economically exciting future. The Charters Towers Region will be a vibrant inclusive place to live, connected to nature and full of opportunity."


Our Mission:

"We will listen to, empower, uplift and benefit our community with high quality services, infrastructure and policy. We will continuously improve our internal skills, transparency, efficiency and planning to ensure we offer the best possible leadership for our region."


Our Community Values:

Communication - We connect with each other to prioritise and act

Innovation - we are not afraid of trying new things

Future-Focus - we are flexible and forward thinking

Culture & Heritage - We treasure our past and celebrate who we are


Our Organisational Values:

We're accountable - We own what we do, and we do what we say

We're open - We're honest and up front, and we welcome new ideas

We're courageous - We stand strong and speak up for what's right

We aim to be better - We do not shoot others down

We're a proud team - For a good reason


Corporate Documents

Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan is Council's principal long term planning document which identifies the issues and priorities for Council over the next 5 years and beyond.  It has been carefuly developed so that Council has a clear direction in its operations in servicing a diverse community.  This document is intended to consolidate and crystallise Charters Towers Regional Council's strategic planning in terms of both its process and intended outcomes.  The Corporate Plan fulfils Council's statutory obligation outlined in the Local Government Act 2009.

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan comprises the key activities and projects that Council aims to deliver over the ensuing 12 months in order to achieve the strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is delivered each year and aims to review our performance and achievements for the past financial year.