Beef Cattle Industry

Beef production is a major economic activity in the Region.  Council is currently working on a Meat Processing Facility project to ensure new job creation while value adding to the Region's biggest agricultural commodity.

The Beef Processing Investment Opportunity - Meat Processing Facility Overview provides further information on this opportunity.


The recently refurbished Dalrymple Saleyards and Equestrian Centre is owned by Charters Towers Regional Council.  It offers state-of-the-art facilities for a range of cattle industry needs as well as horse sports, rodeos and other related industry events.

Dalrymple Saleyard’s infrastructure and services include two (2) full deck cattle weighbridges, vehicle weighbridge, vehicle wash down facilities and dipping and washing facilities for cattle.  As well as providing a marketing facility for cattle and horses, Dalrymple Saleyards is registered for the assembly and holding of live export cattle.

The Dalrymple Saleyards competes to be the third largest cattle handling facility in Queensland and it’s expanded holding capacity is very beneficial to the live export industry.
Between January 2013 and November 2018, the Saleyards were responsible for the assembly and processing of approximately 630,000 head of live export cattle that were shipped from the Port of Townsville.

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Investment Opportunity

For detailed information on the Charters Towers Beef Processing Investment Opportunity contact or phone 07 4761 5300.