Budget 2017/2018

Charters Towers Regional Council passed the 2017/2018 Budget at its statutory budget meeting, held 31 July 2017. The budget focus this year is towards responsible budgeting, concentrating upon consistent, and reliable service delivery, with a priority of improved water and roads infrastructure. 

The budget includes an unprecedented capital expenditure of $27.7million, funded by $10.3m of capital grants and loan funds of $10m, with a major focus on improving water infrastructure ($14.6 million), road renewals ($5.8 million) and facilities including the Towers Hill walking track, Tennis Courts, Airport and other. To cover, the day to day activities and maintenance work undertaken by Council, $27 million has been committed to the organisation’s operating expenses.

For further details, please peruse the Mayor's Community Budget Report, and review the project listings & roads program, accessed below.

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