David Buchholz


There’s something to be said about a person who is willing to go the extra mile - who puts their hand up to volunteer to help ensure the safety of the community. They’re vital to the wellbeing of the people who call Charters Towers home and they deserve to be recognised for their tireless hard work and selfless commitment to the community. David Buchholz has been nominated as a Charters Towers Regional Council Values Champion.

It’s with great pride that we introduce you to David Buchholz, a Charters Towers Regional Council Values Champion, whose recent response to a property fire led to his nomination for embodying one of our new Council values: 

We’re courageous: we stand strong and speak up for what’s right.

David was nominated after going beyond the call of duty and helping out the Greenvale community during a fire event.

David travelled more than an hour back to Greenvale to support Queensland Fire and Emergency Services despite just finishing a week of work at Greenvale. 

It’s clear David’s quick response was appreciated - despite his hesitation to receive praise. 

“When they told me they were nominating me for putting my hand up for the Greenvale fire I thought they were having me on. I didn’t expect or want praise. I would have done the same for anyone who needed help.” 

David, who is also a Rural Fire Service volunteer, has seen his fair share of local emergencies and the impact individuals can have on alleviating them. 

“We have lots of people in the community who step up when they’re needed. From fighting fires, repairing property damage, to cleaning up after extreme weather. In a small community, everyone needs to pull their weight.” 


As a member of Council’s roads crew, David is faced with the responsibility of helping to keep Charters Towers moving. 

“If we don’t stay on top of road damage, how are people going to get to where they need to be? During the wet season, the team and I cleaned up after the floods and made sure the bridges were safe and clear to cross.” 

The reality of working on the roads is something that David takes very seriously. 

“You can drive more than 400km on our roads and still be in the same local government area. This job takes you across a lot of country and there is always work to be done. “

“The work we do can be dangerous. We’re trying to make the roads better but some people forget we are here trying to get a job done and race past us. We’ve slowed people down for the safety of the crew and we have been yelled at because of it. It’s not easy.” 

So what is it that gets David through the tough days? His work ethic and attitude. 

“I believe there’s no time to be sour about life. Every day you wake up is a bonus - you’ve got to choose to let things go and get on with it.” 

Whether people call Charters Towers home or are just passing through, David and his team are owed a debt of gratitude for their commitment to our wellbeing and ensuring we can get to where we need to go. 

If you see David and the crew out on the roads, slow down, give them space, and let them know you appreciate their work. 

Thank you, David, for stepping up when our community needed you.