Ant Hanna


Ant Hanna is a man known for leaving a lasting impression. He’s seen as a mentor to some, a confidant to others, and a team player by all. Diesel Fitter Ant Hanna is a Charters Towers Regional Council Values Champion

From the apprentices he guides, the colleagues he supports, to the people who have laughed along with his jokes - his dedication to growth, learning and patience is reason to be celebrated.

As a Diesel Fitter on the Fleet Services team at Council, Ant is happiest when he’s busy. 

He prides himself on modelling a good work ethic to young apprentices at the start of their career and finds it fulfilling to pass on the wisdom he has acquired over the years.

He has caught the eye of people he works with who have said he embodies all of Council’s core values;

1. We’re accountable: we own what we do, and we do what we say.
2. We’re open: we’re honest and upfront, and we welcome new ideas.
3. We’re courageous: we stand strong and speak up for what’s right.
4. We aim to be better, not to shoot others down.
5. We’re a proud team, for good reason.

When told about his nomination, his response was simple and straight to the point.



Ant is open and honest about the reality of serving an apprenticeship alongside him and the rest of Council’s Fleet Services team.

“We work hard and have a real cross section of ages and experience. People who do this type of work need patience, and that’s something I won’t move on. They also need to be able to laugh at themselves. Humour plays a huge part in our day. The work we do is pretty serious, and you need to find the fun side. We support one another, but we also banter and joke with each other too.”

Ant credits his Dad with equipping him with the skills to be a successful fitter.

“My dad was very mechanically minded. He loved pulling things apart and finding out how they worked. I was the same and was forever fixing my pushbike when I was a kid. We always had good spanners, and I had great hand-eye coordination from a really early age.”

Ant explains that a lot of young apprentices don’t have the same trade skills he had before launching their careers. But, he is quick to add that they bring with them their own set of skills. Technology, in particular.

“I teach the young guys patience, and although I’m pretty reasonable with tech - they help me get better.”


Ant has a great team working alongside him - that much is clear.

They know how to laugh, bounce ideas off each other, and have a natural appetite for competition.

“If we find ourselves disagreeing on something, we jump on Google and see who can find the answer the quickest. You’ve got to find a way to make everything enjoyable.”

The team is especially strong when it comes to kicking ideas around and brainstorming.

“Our team meetings, otherwise known as a meeting of the Brains Trust, is a time when we can bring forward our ideas, debate, and educate one another. The guys I work with really know their stuff and are very organised. I think it’s healthy for a team to be able to speak openly. That’s something me and my team have.”

Ant has one piece of advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship or career with his team at Council.

“Go for it! Come to me and I’ll be happy to help you get started the right way!”

Thank you, Ant, for all the work you do connecting your team, and for generously sharing your experience and knowledge with Council’s apprentices. Your impact is positively felt across the organisation.