Anne Tweedie


Officially, Anne Tweedie is a Charters Towers Regional Council Library Officer. Unofficially, she wears many more hats. Anne is an educator, community advisor, counsellor, and advocate for older people. Anne is helping to unite and strengthen Charters Towers one day at a time. Anne Tweedie


If you live in Charters Towers, chances are you’ve stepped foot in the Library.

Thanks to Anne and the wonderful team around her, one thing’s for certain - the Library is about more than just books; it’s a safe space for everyone.

Anne has been nominated as a Charters Towers Regional Council Values Champion for helping to ensure it stays that way.

The person nominating her said that each and every day, Anne embodies three of Council’s core values;

1. We’re accountable: we own what we do, and we do what we say.
2. We’re courageous: we stand strong and speak up for what’s right.
3. We’re a proud team, for good reason.

Anne was nominated by a colleague for her caring nature to all Library users, and one in particular who had experienced a death in the family.

Reflecting on the nomination, Anne said her role is much more than just working in a library.

“It’s just what you do when you live in a small community. I was worried about our customer and wanted to ensure she was okay.

I talked with her - because that’s what she needed. It feels odd to be nominated for doing the right thing, but I’m really, really touched that someone took the time to do so.”


It’s clear Anne loves her job and lending a helping hand is second nature to her.

“I couldn’t imagine not being around people and helping my community. It’s really important to find out what you’re passionate about in life.

If you can do it for a job, you’ll be better for it.”

Anne said she is grateful for the opportunities working with Council has allowed her.

Earning her Diploma of Library and Information Services from Library Training Services Australia and TAFE enabled Anne to progress her career.

“I hadn’t studied for years and was pretty nervous about it all. I muddled through it with the support of my colleague and supervisor, Lia.

She made all the difference. I’m really lucky to work with such awesome people who want me to succeed.”

Anne recognises the role honesty and communication play in the success of her team.

“I think it’s important we remember we’re all human and make mistakes.

It’s how you deal with them that makes a difference.

We need to be able to put our hands up and ask for help.

The stronger we are as a team, the better we can serve the community.”


Anne has always gravitated towards older members of the community and smiles when she recalls a fond memory from a few years ago.

“My daughter was doing a quiz and one of the questions was ‘What is your Mum’s favorite thing to do?’ Her answer was ‘Talk to old people’, and well, she wasn’t wrong.

I think sometimes society puts older people in a box and forgets how much life they have lived and how interesting they are.

I could listen to their stories for hours.”

Through her natural ability to connect with people across generations, Anne has played an integral part in the Library’s digital literacy initiative - helping everyone in the community stay connected, regardless of their age.

“Sometimes new technology and processes can be daunting and being a small community, we have limited resources to help people when things go wrong.

Community members join our programs because they might not know how to use their phone, pay their bills online, or apply for jobs online - we help with it all.”

Anne knows that sometimes pride can stop someone from asking for help.

In particular, she shares, when someone hasn’t been treated compassionately when they asked for assistance in the past, they may dig their heels in and be afraid to speak up.

“Regardless of someone’s age, they deserve to be welcomed with a smile and treated with respect.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, school leaver, or an older person, we work hard to make sure the Library is somewhere you can go to ask a question, talk to someone, and ask for some assistance.

It’s not just about books.”

It can be said with absolute certainty that Anne is living the values of being proud, courageous, and accountable.