Troy Risdale



Values Champion

Open Space Coordinator Troy Risdale is uncomfortable in the spotlight, but there’s no doubt he’s truly earned his place in it.

In the 14 years, he has been with Charters Towers Regional Council, Troy has evolved into a straight-shooting, fair, and confident leader. His progress hasn’t gone unnoticed. Troy was nominated not only as a Value Champion but also for embodying four of Council’s core values:

1. We’re accountable: we own what we do, and we do what we say
2. We’re open: we’re honest and upfront, and we welcome new ideas
3. We’re courageous: we stand strong and speak up for what’s right
4. We aim to be better, not to shoot others down


Troy said this nomination wasn’t just about him; the Open Space team also deserved credit.

“I’m not going to lie, it was a surprise to get nominated. My team is passionate about what they do, and about looking after their hometown. We’re all in it together.”

Troy leads a team responsible for maintaining the parks and gardens in Charters Towers and the surrounding townships.

“All my working life it’s been important for me to be proud of where I work, what I do, and how I do it. I was raised to work hard and do a good job. I wouldn’t work somewhere that has no pride in what they do. At Council I have the opportunity to lead a proud team. We all have our ups and downs, but we get through it together.”

Troy said getting along with one another should be the bare minimum.

“For a team to function properly, you have to encourage a sense of ownership, transparency, and accountability. I’ve done a lot of different things since leaving school. From cleaning a butcher’s shop to earthmoving and cabinetmaking. If I’ve learned one thing along the way it’s the importance of teamwork and learning from the people around you. You’ve got to get everyone working towards the same goal.”


Troy is honestly refreshing when reflecting on his leadership journey with Council.

He credits some important training for transforming him.

“I haven’t always led this way. When I first joined Council, my approach was to dominate. I was old-fashioned. But Council put me through the Ignite Leadership Program, and everything changed. I realised the world wasn’t black and white. I still remember my ‘aha’ moment, during a training activity. Four of us were sitting in a room looking at the same picture of a young boy pushing a bicycle along a red dirt road. We each processed the picture in different ways. I realised right then that my life, opinions and beliefs were different from other people's. The world was full of grey. It changed my life at work and at home. And you know what? My kids tell me I’m a different person!”

Troy has no issues sharing his insights when reflecting on his experience as team Coordinator. 

He believes while core values aren’t the type of thing you can teach, organisational values can and should be taught.

Troy’s view is that a team that doesn’t share strong principles won’t cross the line.

“Nine times out of ten, problems in teams come to a head because of a communication breakdown. In my team, we sit down, we talk, and we listen. Most issues can be addressed with a conversation.”


Troy said it takes commitment to garner a real sense of pride and achievement in your work.

“I’m invested in our work - that’s why I work for Council. When you live and work in a small community, you have a unique connection to it - you want to be more than a bystander. You know the people and they know you. You want to help make and shape decisions and to ensure your community is on the right track. I want to be part of the positive changes to come.”

Considering his role, it’s no surprise that Troy said he’s happiest when he’s outside, with no phone reception, accompanied by his wife and two dachshunds.

With a genuine appreciation for Charters Towers, right now, Troy is exactly where he wants to be.

“People choose to live in Charters Towers for the lifestyle. We know our neighbours, and even though the community is growing and evolving, it hasn’t lost that sense of connection. People from Townsville move here because they are looking for that closeness. They want a proper neighbourhood and room for their kids to play, raise chooks and have a pony. It’s the dream really. And I get to live and work it, every day.”

Troy is a strong and determined leader, and a real asset to Charters Towers Regional Council. Congratulations on the nomination, Troy!