Ann Aldridge


Ann Aldridge

Ann Aldridge is the new kid on the block.

She knows it’s inevitable when you start a new job you question everything from your own performance through to whether you’re the right fit.

So to be nominated as a Values Champion after only seven months with Council put her mind at ease.

It also validated her decision to leave everything familiar to her in Townsville and start a new chapter in Charters Towers.


Ann always knew moving to a new town and starting a new job would have its challenges. The one thing she wasn’t prepared for was the warmth and welcome of her new team.

“I truly feel lucky to be part of Charters Towers Regional Council. It can be difficult to find a team that you immediately connect with. I somehow found them and I’m excited about what is ahead of us.”

She may only be new to her role as the Infrastructure Services Administration Officer but her appreciation, warmth, and enthusiasm has already been noticed.

Ann doesn’t like to be the centre of attention but she does appreciate that praise goes a long way to build confidence, especially early on in a new role.

“I felt a bit like a deer in headlights when I was first nominated as a Values Champion. I immediately printed out the nomination as a reminder not to second guess myself.”

Ann believes that understanding, praise, and recognition are key to building pride in a team. 

“We all know that some days are harder than others. Sometimes just acknowledging the little things can help someone keep pushing forward. As an organisation, we need to celebrate all the wins, not just the big ones, and be there for each other. We need to make sure everyone feels supported and appreciated, and genuine recognition is a huge part of that.”


Ann already has a Bachelor of Business degree from James Cook University under her belt but she is determined to keep growing.

“I love to learn. Knowledge is our most valuable asset and I’m really fortunate that the people I work with are generous with sharing what they know.”

Ann has become known around the office for her warm smile and she feels grateful to have landed in a team that encourage and helps her, especially considering the impact 2020 has had on so many people.

“I’m really fortunate to have joined my team when I did. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess.”


Ann doesn’t have a lot of spare time when she is not at work. She gives back to the community in her role as an SES volunteer.

“I usually lend a hand when extreme weather events, particularly storms, hit. I don’t need to tell anyone living here about the power of the western electrical storms that roll through. They’re really something else.”

Ann said her brothers involvement with the SES is what inspired her to join as a volunteer in the Charters Towers Region.

“I’m really close with my family. I was intrigued whenever my brother talked about the SES and their impact on their community. What an incredible opportunity to help the people around me, but to also gain more knowledge and experience - so I decided to join.”

Speaking of family, the hardest part of her relocation to Charters Towers is no longer being close to them. 

“Don’t worry, when any of my family have had enough of Townsville and need a weekend away, they come straight to me.”

True to her character, Ann finishes with a laugh.

“They sometimes give me a lovely surprise by just turning up!"

Congratulations Ann. Your warmth, passion and bubbly nature are just some of the many reasons why you truly deserve your nomination for Charters Towers Values Champion. We’re thrilled to have you on board!