$900K in funding for flying-fox research and management


As part of a collaborative project between Charters Towers Regional Council, CSIRO and the Department of Environment and Science (DES), the Queensland Government has provided $2.7M in funding over 4 years to find practical solutions to flying-fox roost management problems in Charters Towers and surrounds.

The funding was heavily lobbied for by Katter’s Australian Party a number of years ago.
Up to $900K of this funding will be used to trial innovative management approaches in Charters Towers.

DES is working closely with CSIRO to research flying-fox movements and behaviour, with a focus on North Queensland. DES plans to use the findings of this research to work with Council to develop and trial different flying-fox roost management measures.

“Having this funding available to us for flying fox management is a great outcome for our region. It means we can move forward on trialling various management options and experimenting over the next 6 months.” said Mayor Liz Schmidt.

“It’s going to take time as flying fox management is a complex issue. We don’t want to rush in and spent the funding without first looking at the research and seeing what can be done. A lot of money has already been used, unsuccessfully, to get rid of the bats.

“We also don’t want to make the situation worse by dispersing flying-fox into neighbouring houses, schools and parks. For most of the year, they are contained in Lissner Park.”

During August’s Flying Fox Advisory Committee (FFAC) meeting in Charters Towers, the Department of Environment and Science provided a breakdown of how the $900K in funding could be used.

“At our next Committee meeting in September, we’ll be workshopping ideas on what we can achieve.

“Charters Towers is leading the way in collaborating between Local and State Governments, research bodies and community representatives through the Advisory Committee.  We will be used as a hub to trial possible solutions.”

OGG 9 Aug 2018