Flying Fox dispersal activities update


Flying Fox dispersal activities may continue for the next couple of weeks, but interactions are likely to be minor.

Engagement with Biodiversity Australia has now ceased, with 99.9% of flying-foxes relocated to locations outside of the urban area marking it a successful campaign. Council would like to thank the Biodiversity Australia team for their efforts and the knowledge imparted to Council staff.

Residents can expect visits from flying foxes at night. With the current significant flowering event, this is to be expected, even more so with young juvenile flying-foxes feeding locally while they build their strength for longer flights. This is very different to flying-foxes roosting through the day.

Residents can continue with deterrents such as noise at dawn and dusk to move any stray flying foxes along.

The Flying Fox Hotline has now ended, please lodge requests directly with Council 07 4761 5300.

Council acknowledges the significant impact the dispersal has had on residents and thanks each and every one of you for your patience and understanding.