Flying Fox Management Update


Biodiversity Australia has provided Council with an update advising that dispersal efforts have so far proven very successful and we are approaching a vital milestone. They are now looking to involve the local community to further assist with the disruption.

Community members are urged to assist during the morning dispersal activities by creating a loud disturbance for any flying foxes that may reside in their backyard. This could include loud banging, smoke bins, pool noodles, etc. The additional help from the community will be extremely helpful in encouraging the remaining flying fox to vacate the area.

Residents are asked to contact the dedicated Flying Fox phone line - 1300 319 954 to report flying foxes that are present at unsuitable locations such as schools, health or aged care facilities, the airport, or private properties.

Please call this number if you see a flying fox that may be injured and Biodiversity Australia will ensure the animal receives care.

We thank the community for their continued patience and understanding during this time.