Flying Fox Dispersal Update


Council is pleased to advise flying foxes were successfully relocated from Lissner Park as part of the dispersal. The park is now reopened to the public with a couple of areas remaining barricaded for safety reasons, due to further clean-up works around the tree areas.  

Councils ultimate goal is to remove the flying fox to an area outside the urban area.

Flying fox are now creching temporarily between Holliman and Harte Streets.

Following expert advice, dispersal at this location has been temporarily suspended as the risk of pup abandonment is too great to ethically continue with the relocation.

Biodiversity Australia and the Council team will continue to monitor  Lissner Park and Centenary Park using smoke, light or noise to discourage a return of the flying fox.

The temporary roost between Holliman and Harte Street will be in place until early in the New Year depending on the black flying fox creching.  

Biodiversity Australia will be on site for the next four weeks to monitor all areas, returning in the New Year to relocate the flying fox from the urban area.

Council understands the impacts residents in the area may face and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

It is important that residents do not disturb the flying foxes from the temporary roost.  It is an offence under s88c Nature Conservation Act to interfere with a Flying Fox Roost and significant penalties can apply.