Council's State Election Priorities


A new State Elections Priorities publication, has been compiled by Charters Towers Regional Council’s Advocacy Committee.Big Rocks Weir

The State Elections Priorities document will be used to advocate key priorities ahead of the upcoming State Government elections.

The document lists 10 key priorities which include:
•    Big Rocks Weir
•    Drought assistance
•    Flying fox management
•    Transport infrastructure
•    Improved health services
•    Water and waste upgrades
•    Works for Queensland
•    Wild dog baiting
•    New town pool
•    Waste Levy

Mayor Frank Beveridge said Council will be actively working to ensure that priority projects requiring State support are easily identifiable and articulated for the elected Government.

“Our first and foremost item continues to be water security through the delivery of Big Rocks Weir. It is fundamental in unlocking opportunities across multiple industries.

“We will also be advocating for support for the long-living issue of drought; impacts of flying foxes on our community; transport infrastructure upgrades; the continuation of Works for Queensland funding; a new hospital and associated essential services,” said the Mayor.

“These priorities will improve livability in our region and will offer further lifestyle and employment opportunities. 

“We will be sending the Priorities publication to all sitting Ministers and I look forward to advocating on behalf of both Council and our Region to progress these important matters.”

The State Election Priorities publication will be available on Council’s website and hard copies will be available at the Library and at the Administration Centre.