Flying Fox

Charters Towers is moving forward in flying fox management

What is being done about it?

Following extensive research and consideration, Council has contracted Biodiversity Australia to carry out a 4-week dispersal program commencing Wednesday, 5 October 2022.

Dispersal will be a combination of loud noise, smoke, and lighting to encourage relocation away from Lissner Park and the CBD.    This will happen between 4am and 8am each day for an initial two weeks to ensure flying foxes are not allowed to settle within selected current roost trees.  For safety reasons, the park will be closed to the public during the dispersal times.

The Biodiversity Team will be highly mobile during the first two weeks, followed by a second two weeks of reduced activity continuing to dissuade the flying foxes from Lissner Park.

A public update session is planned after the first week for 5:30pm Tuesday, 11 October 2022 at The World Theatre when Biodiversity Australia will be on hand to provide an update and field any questions.

We know that this is a slow process and we are asking the public to report any flying fox activity to the dedicated Flying-Fox hotline 1300 319 954 or to come to the update session so that Biodiversity Australia can move quickly to any possible problems encountered.