New Council Commits to Working For and Championing the Community


Charters Towers Regional Council's Mayor and Councillors have taken a significant step towards upholding their duties and responsibilities to the community by making a written commitment to their assigned portfolio responsibilities. This commitment signifies their dedication to performing their portfolio roles effectively and supporting their allocated Township in line with the expectations of the community they serve.

Councillors recognised the importance of transparent and accountable governance, and through this written commitment, they aim to ensure that the needs and concerns of the residents are addressed with diligence and efficiency. By pledging to fulfill their portfolio responsibilities to the best of their abilities, the Councillors are reinforcing their commitment to promoting the well-being and prosperity of the Charters Towers Region. 

Mayor Liz Schmidt expressed her enthusiasm for this pioneering initiative, stating, "The written commitment by our Councillors signifies a pivotal moment in our collective journey towards responsible and responsive governance.

By articulating our pledges and responsibilities in black and white, we are not only reaffirming our commitment to the community but also setting a precedent for accountability and transparency in local government", said Mayor Schmidt.

"We, the Councillors of Charters Towers Regional Council, hereby affirm our commitment to our assigned portfolio responsibilities and pledge to perform our roles with integrity, dedication, and a focus on serving the best interests of the community. We understand the trust that has been placed in us by the residents of the Charters Towers Region, and we are determined to live up to that trust by working tirelessly to fulfill our obligations and support the growth and development of the region," stated Mayor Liz Schmidt. 

Council encourages residents to actively engage with their elected representatives, share their concerns, and collaborate on initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all residents of the Charters Towers region.

Councillor portfolios can be found at:



Photo: Charters Towers Regional Councillors