Rate Adjustments or Disputes

Questioning Charges on a Rate Account?

If a property owner believes there is a discrepancy in the charges levied on a rate account, Council is required to be advised before the due date as printed on the notice.

Please note:  Questioning a rate notice does not extend the discount period.

To receive a discount on the 'Notice in question', payment in full is required, before the time and date of 'close of discount' as printed on the notice.  Should the matter result in a reduction to the levy, full refunds will be processed accordingly.

Adjustments to Rates & Charges

During a financial year, pro-rata levy adjustments may be required for matters such as:

  • Change of ownership.
  • Pensioner status of owner(s) change.
  • A reconfiguration of land parcels.
  • A new property valuation takes effect, as advised by the State Government.
  • New or additional services are made available or provided, during the course of the financial year.
  • A correction is required.

Concealed Leak Policy

Property owners are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of all water infrastructure on their property from the Council owned water meter.  This includes all reticulation pipes, private fittings and water tanks connected to mains water, etc. 

To reduce the likelihood of water passing through the meter, and being consumed from one or more undetected leaks, property owners are encouraged to actively monitor their water usage by taking regular readings of their water meter, at least monthly; and maintain the readings until annual water notices are received and paid. Should a reading indicate an increase in average usage from the last reading, this may indicate that water is leaking.

In an instance when a property owner believes that an excess water bill is due to a proven concealed leak (concealed meaning; difficult to locate with little or no evidence), the owner may qualify to have the water bill assessed by Council under the defined criteria and parameters of Council’s ‘Concealed Leak Policy’.

In the instance that an application meets the criteria, the owner may qualify for a financial adjustment.

To understand the terms and conditions which qualify under the Concealed Leak Policy, the Policy can be via the link above.