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Federal & State Advocacy, Regional & State Representation, Inter-Government Relations, Investment Attraction, Community Strategic Plan, Community Engagement Strategy, Four-Year Delivery Program and Ex-Officio Representative on all Portfolios

PO Box 189, Charters Towers  Qld  4820

Mobile: 0436 308 372
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Deputise for Mayor in all capacities, Strategic Asset Management, Community Engagement Strategy, Council Facilities, Economic Development Plan

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Water & Wastewater, Biosecurity Plan, Workplace Health & Safety

Township/s: Hervey Range

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Financial Sustainability, ICT Strategy, Workforce Strategy, Commercial Activities

Township/s: Greenvale

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Strategic Land Use, Planning Scheme, Local Laws & ranger services, Strategic risk management, Disaster Management

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Mobile: 0487 129 711

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Roads Policies, Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), Road Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC), Open Spaces inc. Cemeteries, Waste Management

Township/s: Ravenswood

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Community Services & Events, Sport & Recreation, Destination Management Plan, Arts & Culture

Township/s: Pentland/Homestead

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Mobile: 0447 745 174

Councillor Conduct Register and Code of Conduct

On 21 March 2021, Council adopted a policy for investigating complaints about Councillor Conduct.

In accordance with Section 150DX of the Local Government Act 2009, Council is required to keep a register of complaints made against Councillors. The Councillor Conduct Register is available online and is also available for public inspection at Council’s Administration Centre. If you wish to inspect the register, please contact the Governance Officer on 4761 5300.

The Local Government Act 2009 has been amended to provide that the Minister must make a Code of Conduct for Councillors in Queensland that sets out the standards of behaviour for councillors and mayors in performing their functions.

The standards are summarised as the three R's, being:

  1. Responsibilities;
  2. Respect; and
  3. Reputation

The Code of Conduct for Councillors is backed by tougher penalties for those who breach the Code, including complaints that fall into corrupt conduct, misconduct, inappropriate conduct and a new category of unsuitable meeting conduct.

All councillors must declare that they will abide by this Code of Conduct when they are elected and will apply to all councils.

On 4 August 2020, the then Minister for Local Government approved amendments to the Code of Conduct to reflect legislation changes in effect on 12 October 2020 for conflicts of interests and councillor advisors.

Councillors' Discretionary Funds

In accordance with Local Government Regulation 2012 S202 (2), Charters Towers Regional Council has established Councillor Discretionary Funds in support of community purposes and meeting requests for financial assistance from community organisations.  This policy is in addition to and supported by Council’s Community Grants and Donations Policy.

The amounts as set out below have been allocated for each Councillor's Discretionary Fund.

Community organisations eligible under the CTRC Councillors’ Discretionary Funds Policy may make an application directly to a Councillor for funding. To apply, please contact the Councillor directly by email or telephone as set out below:

Name Amount Email Phone
Mayor Liz Schmidt TBC 0436 308 372
Councillor Alan Barr TBC 0429 336 225
Councillor Kim Farmer TBC 0458 564 550
Councillor Kate Hastie TBC 0439 771 828
Councillor Graham Lohmann TBC 0487 129 711
Councillor Steven Plant TBC 0447 814 355
Councillor Julie Mathews TBC 0447 745 174

In accordance with Section 202A of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council will as soon as practicable after an amount has been allocated and paid from a councillor's discretionary funds, publish a notice stating:

(a)  the amount and purpose of the allocation; and
(b)  where an amount has been allocated to a community organisation, the name of that community organisation. 

For further information, please refer to the following documents (published on Council’s website, or available on request).