Business Support and Advice

Council is keen to assist any persons wanting to establish a business, expand their business or simply secure advice concerning business management.

General information on business matters is readily available from a number of sites as mentioned below.

For other inquiries about operating a business in the Charters Towers Regional area, contact Council’s Economic Development Team on 07 4761 5300 or email



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Doing Business with Council

Charters Towers Regional Council, in establishing contracts for the carrying out of works, goods or services, in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, is required to accept the offer most advantageous to it, whilst also applying the Region's local business and industry criteria. In making this decision, Council must have regard to the following five sound contracting principals set out in Section 104(3) of the Local Government Act 2009.

  • value for money
  • open and effective competition
  • the development of competitive local business and industry
  • environmental protection
  • ethical behaviour and fair dealing.

Local Supplier Preference Policy 

Council encourages the development of competitive local businesses and will endeavour to promote and support competitive local industry in its Procurement.

In addition to price, performance, quality and suitability, Council may also consider the following factors when conducting its Procurement:  

  • Employment opportunities for the region;
  • Economic growth for the region;
  • Readily available goods, services and support; and
  • The benefit to Council of contracting with local suppliers and the associated local commercial transactions that flow from that contracting.

Advertisement of Tender Opportunities

When the intended expenditure is greater than $220,000 (inclusive of GST) Council must invite public tenders, where no exception under the Local Government Regulation 2012 from inviting public tenders is utilised.

Tenders and Expressions of Interest are open to the market for a minimum of 21 days and are currently advertised via one or more of the following mediums:

  • our website
  • The Townsville Bulletin
  • other media/journals applicable to the scope of works


For all enquiries regarding opportunities at Charters Towers Regional Council, please contact Council's Procurement Services Unit via

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