2018-2019 Program

As a vibrant and spirited Region grows and develops, infrastructure and facilities need to grow with it.  That is why throughout the Charters Towers Region, capital works projects are being planned and carried out to make this an even better place to live.

Council has adopted the 2018-2019 Capital Works Program* as below.

No. Project Approx.
of Works
1 CBD Precinct - Heritage stone pitch gutter repairs October 2018
2 Gill Street/Millchester Road - Aurizon railway pedestrian crossing August 2018
3 Sandy Creek Road - No Name Creek Causeway construction August 2018
4 Sandy Creek Road - Porphyry Creek Causeway construction August 2018
5 Sandy Creek Road stabilisation August 2018
6 Dotswood Road - Keelbottom Creek Bridge installation September 2018
7 Valley of Lagoons Road - Burdekin River Bridge repairs August 2018
8 Gill & High Streets Roundabout October 2018
9 Gill & Church Streets Roundabout November 2018
10 Bluff Road - Merrie Monarch Creek causeway construction December 2018
11 Church Street (Aland to Towers) reconstruction August 2018
12 Reseals (as per below) September 2018
  Acacia Vale Road (Conrad to Dunroamin)  
  Dunroamin Road  
  Boundary Street (Gill to Towers)  
  Towers Street (Boundary to Broker)  
  Stubley Street (Towers to Duman)  
  Dawn Street (Stubley to end)  
  Faull Street (Cambridge to View)  
  Blacks Road (Highway to end)  
  Cemetery internal roads  
  Haigh Lane  
13 Bancroft Road form and seal October 2018
14 Racecourse Road (Holliman to Plummer) reconstruction November 2018
15 Gamma Road from and seal (0-500m) February 2019
16 Pemble & King Streets form and seal December 2018
17 Mosman Creek Retention Basin December 2018

* Subject to weather conditions and water availability.  Program may change without notice.

Council's Infrastructure Services Directorate aims to complete jobs in road construction, drainage and footpath upgrades, sealing of roads and replacing floodways to uphold the assets within the Council Region. 

Any enquiries with regard to the program should be directed to Council on phone 07 4761 5300.