​Planning Scheme

A Planning Scheme, commonly referred to as the "Town Plan" is a regulatory document that guides and determines changes to the way land, buildings and structures are used within the local government area to which the planning scheme applies.

Town planning governs both existing and new development within the region and through the use of "zones and development use codes", ensures resources are best managed to suit the needs and expectations of the community.

The local authority region of Charters Towers is presently covered by two (2) separate Planning Schemes.

Aligned Charters Towers City Council Planning Scheme; and,

Aligned Dalrymple Shire Council Planning Scheme.

This is a consequence of the amalgamation of the former Charters Towers City Council and the former Dalrymple Shire Council in March 2008.

The Charters Towers City Council Planning Scheme guides development within the boundaries of the former City area whilst the Dalrymple Shire Council Planning Scheme guides development in the former Dalrymple Shire area.

The Planning Schemes consist of maps that depict zones and overlays throughout the region and a document that refers to specific codes and policies applying to each zone and development use.

These special codes under the Planning Schemes apply to particular uses and developments such as residential developments, industrial developments, business development and subdivisions (now called reconfigurations).

The Schemes also require building work in the region and filling of land in urban areas to comply with certain codes depending on their location. A breach of these codes is effectively a breach of the Planning Scheme and can lead to enforcement action.

When assessing your planning application Council takes into account local and state policies, Planning Scheme requirements, and where applicable, any public submissions and comments from other relevant parties or government agencies.

Town Planning Development Permits are required so that land use and development is fair and orderly, economically sustainable and aesthetically appealing.  It also gives the local community and Council the opportunity to help shape future land use patterns and development.

Council, has resolved to prepare one (1) new Planning Scheme for the entire region and as such, a new Planning Scheme is currently in the development phase.


Regulated Infrastructure Charges

Regulated Infrastructure Charges Schedule (PDF, 54kb)

Effective 4 August 2011, pursuant to Section 648D of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, Council adopted infrastructure charges applicable to particular developments within the area of the former Charters Towers City Planning Area. The adopted infrastructure charges resolution:-

  • adopts charges for particular developments that are less than the maximum adopted charge for the development as prescribed by legislation;
  • applies to development being reconfiguring a lot, a material change of use of premises, carrying out building work, and applies to development within the Planning Scheme area of the former Charters Towers City Council as identified in the Priority Infrastructure Plan for the former Charters Towers City Council planning area adopted 10 August 2011. 

The Priority Infrastructure Plan is contained within the Charters Towers City Council Planning Scheme Version 2, referenced as Part 9 - Priority Infrastructure Plan.