Organisational Structure

The Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team partner with staff and Councillors to deliver expected outcomes to the community. The following diagram illustrates the structure, functions and activities coordinated by each of the Directorates.

Organisational Structure

Council's organisational structure is designed to support the achievement of Council's vision and key plans. Reviews of the organisational structure ensure the optimal deployment of resources to deliver identified corporate priorities. Proposals for organisational structure changes are approved by the Chief Executive Officer prior to consideration and approval by Council.

Executive Leadership Team

Council's Executive Leadership Team (ELT) comprises of the Chief Executive Officer and the Director, Corporate Services; Director, Planning and Sustainable Development; Director, Roads Infrastructure; and Director, Utilities and Facilities.

The ELT meets on a fortnightly basis, ensuring effective coordination of the Region's operations and implementation of Council resolutions.

These meetings are complemented by regular Directorate and Operational Management Team meetings and Departmental Managers' meetings. Such forums are considered important, both in enabling dissemination of management information and feedback by staff, thereby promoting a whole of organisation approach for the Region.