Towers Hill Master Plan

Project overview

Towers Hill is an iconic natural beauty in the Charters Towers Region. It’s a treasure-trove of remnants and relics of the Region’s rich goldrush heritage and involvement in the second World War, tastefully complemented by innovative and exciting tourism experiences which bring them and surrounding views to life.

Council has developed this Towers Hill Master Plan to better understand the opportunities and considerations of this much loved landmark to help our community prosper, to increase visitor attraction, celebrate its historical significance and enable more active and passive land uses in a financially sustainable manner.


Towers Hill, Towers Hill Road | Mosman Street Walking Track, Mosman Street and Black Jack Road | Old Brewery Site, Alabama Road

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    Deputy Mayor - Cr Sonia Bennetto - Regional Development Portfolio
    Cr Julie Mathews - Tourism Portfolio

Document Library


Preparation of Draft Towers Hill Master Plan, January - March 2021

Public Consultation, 29 April - 14 May 2021

Review of public feedback, May 2021

Adoption of Plan, June 2021


  • The Towers Hill Master Plan was prepared in response to the Destination Tourism Management Plan (DMP) and Economic Development and Innovation Strategy (EDIS). The Plan considers the current Towers Hill natural and built environment, and is designed to ensuring all future projects can be funded and sustainably delivered. Both documents are linked below.

  • Projects will be delivered as funding becomes available, either by Federal or State grants or by Council’s capital works budget. Community feedback may also assist in determining when projects are delivered.

  • Yes. The Towers Hill Master Plan will be dependent on funding opportunities and community feedback. It is considered that the Master Plan will be subject to amendment and change.

Community Consultation

Stage 1 – Information Collection (to support analysis, review and drafting of the Master Plan)

The Towers Hill Master Plan was developed utilising previously gathered data from the below documents:

Destination Tourism Management Plan (DMP)

Economic Development and Innovation Strategy (EDIS)

Both strategic plans were informed by broad consultation with the community, local business, and economic stakeholders. The engagement process included digital community surveys, public workshops, Councillor and staff roundtable discussions, and interviews with key industry stakeholders.

Stage 2 – Feedback on the draft Master Plan

Public Consultation: Thursday, 29 April 2021 – Friday, 14 May 2021

Stage 3 - Adoption of Master Plan

Adoption at 16 June 2021 General Meeting of Council