Flood Damage - DRFA

North & Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough; 25 January - 14 February 2019

Following the above declared event of 25 January - 14 February 2019, the proposed program of works following the February/March 2018 flood event (details below) has been reset.

As a result of the North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough experienced, assistance has been activated for the area formally defined as “Communities within North and Far North Queensland affected by the monsoon trough and significant rainfall and flooding, 25 January – 14 February 2019”.

Reconstruction works have been jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). The Reconstruction of Essential Public Assets (REPA) for the Council was activated on 1 February 2019.

Council has submitted the below work packages to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA). Each package is named after the dominant arterial road in the package but REPA works will be undertaken on lower order roads associated with each package, if works have been identified.

Details on the roads involved in these packages can be found below, along with an update on works to date, or alternatively view the live map.

Package Status Update
Works Package 01; EwanLaroona Approximately 94% complete

Currently completing culverts and sealed sections.

Roads completed - Chicks, Burdekin (Paluma), Kirkland Downs, Endeavour Battery, Ewan, Furber, Horseshoe Bend, McLennan, New Moon, Laroona Station, Lassie Creek, Reserve, Shrimp Battery, Starbright, Valpre  and Valley.

Works Package 02; HillgroveNiall Approximately 82% complete

Currently on Niall Road.

Roads completed - Allensleigh, Amelia Downs, Emu Valley, Hillgrove, Kangerong, Maryvale and Spring Park.

Works Package 03; Jessie Springs 100% complete  
Works Package 04; Myola Approximately 91% complete

Currently working on screening variation, contruction works are 100% complete.

Roads completed - Bodalla, Fern Springs, Glencoe, Leichardt, Lochwall, Myola Station, Myola, Myrrlumbing, Myrrlumbing Station, Somerset and Toomba.

Works Package 05; ConjuboyCraiglee Approximately 58% complete

Currently on Craiglee Road

Roads completed - Borefield, Conjuboy, Greenvale Station, Jervoise, Lucky Downs, Tarroni, Veenee and Upsan Downs.

Works Package 06; Blue Range Approximately 66% complete

Currently on Mount Fox Road.

Roads completed - Blue Range, Christmas Creek, Kallanda, Kangaroo Hills, Kilclooney, and Mount Fullstop Road.

Works Package 07; Valley of Lagoons Approximately 100% complete

Roads completed - Craigs Pocket, Gilldale, Lava Plains, Craigs Pocket, Lincoln Springs, Poison Lake, Rhonella Park, Reedybrook, Valley of Lagoons and Wairuna.

Works Package 08; Gregory Springs Approximately 27% complete

Currently on Gregory Springs Road.

Roads completed - Bahr, Ballabay, Capeville, Lolworth and Lowholm Roads.

Works Package 09; Fletchervale Approximately 41% complete

Currently on Fletchervale Road.

Roads completed - Fletchervale Station Road.

Works Package 10; Dotswood Approximately 45% complete

Currently on Dotswood Road

Roads completed - Castle Farm, Tomato Springs, Virginia Park, Burdekin Downs,  Bivouac Junction, Box Forest, Delaym, Forest Home, Meadowvale, Oakey Park, Fanning Downs, Macrossan Park & Pidegeon Box Roads.

Works Package 11; Burdekin Falls Approximately 30% complete

Currently on

Roads completed - Amity, Cardington, Ellenvale, Fanning, Glenkirk, Murphy, Ryans and Taranna Roads.

Works Package 12; Lornesleigh Approximately 11% complete

Currently on Bruslee Road

Roads completed - Mount Elsie Road.

Wworks Package 13; Environs 0% Preferred tenderer identified
Works Package 14; ScartwaterMt Hope 0% Preferred tenderer identified
Works Package 15; HelensleeTrafalgar Approximately 7% complete Currently on Barrington Road.
Works Package 16; LongtonYarrowmere 0% Tender closed
Works Package 17; Lake Buchanan 0% Tender closed

How does flood damage affect works to roads?

The following fact sheet provides an overview of the process that Council is required to follow after an event.  CDO, Emergent & REPA Works

Roads contained within each works package

Roads contained within each works package can be found here.

More about Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA)

The DRFA continues the joint Commonwealth/State Government funding initiative, providing financial assistance to help communities recover from eligible disasters.

Following the extreme weather event of January/February 2019, it is estimated that 60 - 70% of the region’s approximately 4,108 km road network has been affected and identified as requiring works via Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

For more information about the DRFA program visit the the Queensland Government , Queensland Reconstruction Authority website at www.qra.qld.gov.au/funding/drfa.