Building Services

Building Works and Council Building Certifier

Building Works in Queensland are regulated by the Building Act 1975 and the Planning Act 2016 with assessments made against the National Construction Code and the relevant Australian Standards. Upon lodgement and approval of a Development Application, the works are then to be carried out by a qualified builder and certified by a Building Certifier. For more information on preparing and lodging your Development Application, the following is provided for commonly lodged applications:


Upon the approval, mandatory inspections must be carried out by a Building Certifier to ensure that the Building Works are undertaken in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

Council’s Building Certifier is available between 8:30am – 4:30pm upon appointment with fees dependent upon either the type of application and/or the location of the subject site within the region.

Owner Builder

Where you are the owner of a property and wish to undertake Building Works at a total value more than $11,000, you will be required to obtain an Owner Builder Permit from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). For more information on obtaining an Owner Builder Permit, please click here

Building Near or Over Council Services

On the 1 November 2013, new laws were implemented that would affect proposed Building Works that would commence over or near sewers, water mains, stormwater drains or combined sanitary drains (relevant infrastructure).

As a result, all Building Works on or near relevant infrastructure must be assessed and deemed compliant with the Queensland Development Code (QDC) Mandatory Part 1.4 (MP 1.4) ‘Building Over or Near Relevant Infrastructure’.

Building and Plumbing Newsflash

The Queensland Government issues regular updates on the building and plumbing industry. To keep up to date, see the News Flashes here.

For more information in relation of any of the material above, please contact Council’s Planning and Development Department on (07) 4761 5300.