Public Health

The Public Health Act 2005 governs defined public health risks.  A public health risk is something that is likely to be harmful to human health or contribute to disease in humans, including rats, mice and mosquitoes.  Local Government oversees most public health risks but the Act also allows a partnership where both State and Local Government can work together to reduce, control or prevent the risk.


Queensland Health has a very useful booklet that defines asbestos and why it is a problem.  Please view the Queensland Health website to download this booklet or for further information.

Council deals with domestic asbestos less than 10 square metres.  Other asbestos removal such as large quantities or professional building sites are to be referred to Queensland Health by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or Workplace Health and Safety on 1300 362 128.

Mosquito Control/Dengue Fever

A dengue fever outbreak in Charters Towers was declared by Queensland Health in June 2014.  See the attached Fact Sheet (PDF, 96kb) for more information.

Overgrown and Unsightly Allotments

Some nuisances such as overgrown allotments can be actioned under Council's Local Law No. 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011.  This Local Law deals specifically with long grass and other issues which may not only cause a nuisance but also a possible Public Health risk.  A copy of all of Council's Local Laws is available from the Local Laws Database.

Landholders are responsible for keeping their blocks or allotments in a neat, clean and tidy condition that is consistent with the rights and expectations of the local community.  This will prevent nuisances from vegetation overgrowth and/or visual pollution resulting from unsightly accumulation of objects and materials.

Reports of overgrown and unsightly allotments may be made to the Infrastructure Services Department by email or phoning 07 4761 5300 during business hours.