Release an Animal

If Council has impounded your animal, please contact the Ranger on 4761 5300 so arrangements can be made to release your animal. 

The Pound is open for the release of animals by appointment from Monday to Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm.

You will need to bring some form of identification to collect the animal.  Council will not enter into any dispute over ownership of the animal should more than one person claim to be the owner.

When you collect your animal from the Pound you:

  • need to pay fees to cover the time your animal has spent in the Pound;
  • need to register your animal (if not already registered);
  • are required to microchip your animal (if applicable); and,
  • may be issued with an infringement notice if the animal was found to be in breach of Council's Local Laws.

Payment of the release (and registration) fee (plus microchip fee if applicable) is to be received in full prior to the release of the animal. Council's Fees and Charges Schedule details the fees relative to impounded animals.