Lost and Found Register

Council maintains a register of lost and found animals.

Lost Animals

If your animal is missing and is not in the Pound, you can contact the Ranger on 4761 5300 and leave the following details:

  • your name and address;
  • your pet's name;
  • your pet's registration number;
  • a description of your pet;
  • where and when your pet was last seen;
  • your pet's microchip number (if applicable).

Found Animals

If you have found a lost animal, there are three options available to you. They are:

  • Call the Ranger on phone 4761 5300 and arrange for the animal to be collected.
  • If the animal is registered, call the Regional Development Department on phone 07 4761 5544 so that the animal's owner can be notified.
  • If the animal is not registered, has not been reported missing and you wish to care for the animal until the owner is found, you can leave the following details with the Ranger:
    • your name and contact details;
    • the registration tag number of the animal;
    • a description of the animal;
    • where and when it was found;
    • the microchip number (if applicable).