Council adopts Flying Fox Statement of Management Intent


Charters Towers Regional Council has adopted a new Flying Fox Statement of Management Intent outlining its approach to managing roosts within the region.

Council’s objective is to minimise risk to members of the public, contractors and employees of Council.

The Statement of Management Intent outlines the two species of flying fox present within Lissner Park and the periodic roost at the Ravenswood Showgrounds.

Mayor Liz Schmidt said the Statement outlines Council’s position on the management of flying fox within Lissner Park.

“This document provides Council’s commitment to flying fox management. It precisely states Council’s intentions and considerations.

“We need to have balance between flying fox, community, health, conservation and heritage.”

Council’s Intentions and Considerations include:

  1. Provide a safe environment for the community, where risk associated with flying-fox roosts are appropriately managed and impacts on the surrounding amenity reduced.
  2. That flying-fox management decisions are transparent and collaborative and based on the latest research and development options available at the time.
  3. That innovative ideas are advanced and explored through the Charters Towers Flying Fox Advisory Committee and upon agreement, recommendations advanced to Council seeking resolution.
  4. That Council meets its obligations in complying with all relevant legislation, codes of practice, technical guides, Council Policies and other documents that are considered best practice.
  5. To ensure all activities undertaken are done so with the most appropriate risk assessments and within potential funding and budgetary confines.
  6. To ensure conservation of flying-foxes, by acknowledging their critical ecological role.
  7. To ensure the heritage aspects of Lissner Park are understood and maintained.
  8. To maintain a clear and concise public relations position between resident, business and local government on all matters relevant to the management of flying foxes within a known roost.

“In the coming months Council will be working with the Department of Environment and Science to implement long term dispersal activities of flying fox in Lissner Park.

“We will continue to work with and consult with members of the Flying Fox Advisory Committee to ensure we have the best outcome for all involved,” said the Mayor.

The Flying Fox Statement of Management Intent will be available on Council’s website

OGG 19 Sept 2019