Mayor Message – Future Flying Fox Actions - Mayor Liz Schmidt

On 6 November the Flying Fox Advisory Committee (FFAC) will hold another public meeting to update the community on upcoming flying fox actions.

This is a great opportunity for the community to hear what the committee is doing.

During the meeting, we’ll provide information about actions that will be happening in the new year.

We’ll provide an update regarding flying fox relocation and establishing an alternate roost site outside of the Charters Towers township.

Council’s commitment to flying fox management is to provide a safe environment for the community and appropriately manage the risks and reduce the impacts on the surrounding amenities.

We need to have balance between flying fox, community, health, conservation and heritage. To achieve this, we need to ensure all activities undertaken are done so with the most appropriate risk assessments and within potential funding and budgetary confines.

As a Council, we’re required to meet our obligations in complying with all relevant legislation, codes of practice, technical guides, Council Policies and other documents that are considered best practice.

The FFAC community meeting will be held at Council’s Administration Building (12 Mosman Street) – Gold and Beef Rooms, 11:00am, Wednesday 6 November 2019. RSVP here by 4pm, 5 November 2019. 

- Mayor Liz Schmidt

OGG 17 October 2019