BUDGET: $16.3M Capital Works budget assisted by grant funding


Charters Towers Regional Council announced a Capital Works budget of $16.3m for 2020/2021 as part of the overall budget in its Statutory Budget Meeting today.

Larger than last year’s program, it leverages government funding opportunities to fulfil or subsidise projects. The budget includes over $9.4m in grant funding.

“The fantastic thing about this year’s Capital Works budget, is that a number of these projects are either being fully or substantially funded through state and federal government grants,” said Mayor Frank Beveridge.

“It means we can help improve the livability of the Region through the development of new recreational facilities and road improvements, including disaster readiness projects, whilst at the same time delivering on the fundamentals our community expects.”

“I’m pleased Council was in a position to respond quickly to grant opportunities when they arose out the pandemic.”

Major projects for 2020/2021 include:
•    Completion of Council’s 2019-2021 Works for Queensland Projects
•    Finalisation of the implementation of Council’s Enterprise Resource Planning Software and other IT purchases ($2.269m)
•    Commencement of installation of additional flood warning infrastructure network (year 1 of 2 year program of works - $0.35m)
•    Completion of the flood damage restoration works ($37.5m)
•    Roads and drainage capital works program ($5.9m) – including a new roundabout on Racecourse Road, Fanning River crossing realignment on Dotswood Road and various pathway upgrades in the CBD.
•    Completion of the Water Infrastructure Upgrade Project and the design of a new booster pump station and balance tank ($1.955m)
•    Refurbishment and upgrade works to various Council and Community facilities ($0.576m)
•    Development of a new Water Park ($2.852m)
•    Installation of a new pump track ($0.4m)
•    Installation of new walking paths at Towers Hill including a mine shaft viewing platform ($1.306m)
•    Fleet replacements ($1.564m)