Mayor Message – Tribute to The Northern Miner


"Today is a significant day in the history of the Northern Miner and also the history of our town.

It’s always a sad day when any business closes its doors in our region. It means jobs are lost, revenue lost, someone’s dreams may be shattered, and it also means a piece of our local economy is also lost. It affects all of us.

With the Northern Miner discontinuing their printed paper it is more than a loss of revenue and loss of jobs. It’s a loss of connection to each other as a community. The paper is a way we stayed informed of the local news and happenings in our region.

Council has used the paper to convey messages to the community and to understand what the community was feeling and what mattered to them.

Newspapers provide a voice for the people. We may not always agree with what is said or how a story is portrayed, however, media is essential for communication.

The Northern Miner has been here since the beginning, being first published after the discovery of gold in 1872. The Miner has a written history of our region in every paper they ever printed.

The closure of the Miner is not only devastating to the Miner staff, but also to the community as The Miner is our paper and we will all feel the loss.

I want to say thank you to every editor, journalist and staff member who has ever contributed to The Northern Miner and told our stories for the past 148 years.”

- Mayor Frank Beveridge

OGG 25 June 2020